50+ tips for your emotional strength!PART I

50+ tips for your emotional strength!Part I
5 ways to maintain the ‘dream’ path, Even if there is a terrible story in your life with you.
1. First of all, you have to take responsibility for your own life by thinking about what has happened. It’s always good. Whether it’s bad or good It makes us learn in different ways.

2. Do not give up the dream. Just because you are experiencing various life crisis Do not take the path of your dreams to anyone. Your dreams Should involve yourself primarily If you want to have a good partner You have to love yourself a lot. If you can’t love yourself Can’t take care of yourself. Don’t expect to have a partner.

3. Every life crisis has a different weight. For me I enter mental hospital 6 cycles, this is a crisis in life. The first time, entering the year 2008, Nothing worse is worse than this. And don’t be afraid of losing your high profile. Resolving problems in life is more important than that. for the profile, if You have achieved a certain level. People don’t care about that anymore. There is almost no doubt in the past that the past is painful. Will be a strength It will make you stronger Having the future immunity and come out from psychiatric hospital have ‘normal life’ is considered the best thing that has already happened to me.

4. If you encounter a life crisis You will be happy in life, very easy. Because you know Bad time better, when there’s No money in my wallet, Money in the bank account is 0, everything is bad. Repeatedly thought that I wanted to die.I Want to die tomorrow because I Want to get away from suffering What is happiness? Why is it? The questions are all gushing. If given a simple answer

“People live for today and tomorrow. Not yesterday! “

5 things that happen when heartbroken and the solution
1. Most people tend to blame themselves first. That we are not beautiful enough, not skillful enough, not good enough, Which is a bad thing

2. People do not choose people from the quality I already mention but choose from people who are right for us, both physical, body and mind.Like shoes. We didn’t choose a pair at the most expensive fancy, but we chose the pair of shoes that we liked. And suitable for us

3. After that When we feel that we are not beautiful enough, not good enough, so don’t have to try.and not take caring yourself Oh! This kind of thinking does not love yourself. Why are you going to give him/her all your heart? Allow space to love yourself!!

4. Keywords. Stop blaming yourself. Develop yourself.

5. Remember that this world does not have that man or that woman. Or that person alone … when you develop yourself You will get better things in life. Not only about love.

5 ways to step through a painful past And haunted us for a long time

1. First of all, It’s already a past ‘past tense’. It has already happened. We can’t do anything with the past. You can not solve it.

2. An alternative that everyone chooses to Is the best choice. At that time We do our best. You are still alive. You still have breath, you are not dead and ‘What does not kill you; Will make you stronger’

3. Focus on self-development.’

4. Take past and what has been missed as a lesson To learn in the new practice

5. let it go. Drop it down. Don’t bear the past. It’s like you take a heavy stone.

5 ways to fight psychiatric disorders (BIPOLAR, depression) correctly
I suffering from Bipolar. Since 2008, I have to leave the job immediately. At that time, and admit to the hospital six times together with this life crisis. Causing us to run out of money, the remaining 0 baht account, unemployed, broken, losing friends and losing everything at the same time Many times, there are physical symptoms as well. Thrown up from stress .and have to do MRI check.

After Come out of the hospital. I Was not the same as drawing, did suffer from this for ten years, but did not discourage the treatment process Will find a psychiatrist and take medicine. Sickness is not embarrassing If you realize that you are sick then You can go to a psychiatrist for treatment.

1. First of all, I think I am not very sick.

2. Take regular medications. Don’t stop taking the medicine yourself.

3. Exercise regularly

4. Find out what makes us valuable in life.

5. Stop interested in other opinions and try not to see very negative comments.Importantly, don’t leave your dreams. If you can pass, you will have the emotional strength
There was a sister asked

She had a loud idea in her head “This world is boring, don’t want to wake up.” Every time going to sleepI used to have a heartbreaking episode. Barely Don’t want to do anything. Think that if I die today Then I’ll not suffering Which is the idea that escaped the problem and is very weak Just heartbroken from Just one person, don’t love us, don’t die! You still alive and you will go far.

What is the solution?It may come from our lack of passion in life. We tied our passion to external factors such as money, fame, fortune, social rank or lover like this. As long as we haven’t got that We will feel bored. The first step is to find ‘value in yourself’ first. In this world, there are many fun things that await us to discover.
We think that the solution is good. Is to find new hobbies to do Doing a new career that has never been done and leaving the comfort zone will help to get that boredom. Lost part of us, we started from writing work Write these blog
The key is that it must be easily done.

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