Do not aim to be popular but be consistent

I call daily videos post as 
‘building my fan base missions’ …

It need to do in a daily basis
In a vast majority of ppl trapped in a sea of ‘one hit wonder’ and ‘mediocrity’
Create very best pieces in life and then varnish.
Create very best pieces to hope one day it’s popular.

I also see somany people trapped in perfectionism mode and scared to do something because it’s not perfect edition yet.Do small steps first!

Do not ‘be perfected’
Do not aim for ‘popularity’

But rather

‘Be consistent’
‘Be happy’

Success is a journey not a destination.

I aim for 100 like/1000 views per post as small steps and I could do it currently generating sum of 500,000 likes in total from 1000+ videos and gradually increased everyday.

Another one may think I just draw and post to create some ‘favorites-for mind-relieve’ day by day but I’d said it’s more than that it’s about generating ‘fan bases’ AKA ‘client bases’

The statistics of your channel later will useful for any activity regard this.Such as.

-When you want sponsors 
-When you want to selling goods,services
-When you put AD in your channel

you may heard the word
‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’ 

while you wait everything to perfect and well crafted then post,it’s not work like that from my very own exp.

-You really don’t know it’s work or not work.It is included trial and error


!and what’s costly is time consuming,from creating your content.

-You need some quantitative to test if something work or not first (but make sure it’s quality that you can executed in daily basis-Social acceptance-and not affected your brand)

-While you know what’s work then it’s no time for trial and errors!.You can keep quality post while you limited your experiment but later,after you trial and error enough.

-Sometimes it is take your exp.from various platforms and various aspects in life.

You should keep quality in a level but don’t make it perfect because you will exhausted in the end.Online marketing Should be in a quality that you can make it ‘consistent’ enough without ‘stress at daily basis’ first.

and most of time a well crafted one beaten by normal videos in my opinions and trials.People want to see raw and freshness in your work sometimes I guess.

That’s why you should not trapped in ‘magnum opus’ of waiting everything in grandiosa before post anything online.but make sure keep quality in a level.

This is Almost reach first quarter 
28,300/30,000 fans first benchmarks from 1millions

And the most liked video with 30,000 like
recently.Almost reach my stat 40,000 like I made with Facebook..

But be sure ,put maximum quality as possible while you are not in Trial and error mode.🙂

Consistency/flexibility/variety is key

How to Cinematic story telling

Movie storytelling techniques
Storytelling Techniques by Jeff Medford, Ross Hockrow

It is a long time that humans forward knowledge. With storytelling or story telling. Try watching everynone’s video. In our brains, always try to piece together the story.

The purpose of making movies is Storytelling You should not press the record button on the camera. If you don’t know what you will tell , Otherwise, it is useless.
Because it’s not a story

The process of story telling

We created ‘the story’. To translate the ‘meaning of our lives’ into ‘movies’ And link those events Going to a plot that has meaning for us. To create some meaning, we search for meaning even in still images or photograph, illustration, etc. Actually, there is a storytelling in the photograph. But the narrative We will have time to see that image. And reflecting on the thoughts of some of our lives But the movies are different. When we watch, we don’t have enough time to think about ‘that kind of meaning’ by will work differently. Because the film will make us focus on the action When we watch it. We will not talk about the emotions in the motion picture. Like when we watch the short video clip, we will not talk about meaning. But you will say about the action in video clip instead of meaning such as, What happened in the video clip?

As we are filmmakers We have to arrange the data. Pieces of footage together To control the direction of the story that came out and tells the story You have to pull the information out and make it happen. We can create many meanings in the clip. And we put together data

We want to make people watch. Want to keep watching As for the audience, there is a duty to link those stories together. It’s like connecting the dots. Many people connect together at different times.

Structure of storytelling

Which shot do we need to film? In order to create an impressive moment We must lead people in the right direction. Otherwise, the mind of the person may fall in the direction that we don’t want the story to be like that.


  • This is the point where people get stuck first. This point is very important. Because if you make a mistake then We won’t be able to bring people back.
  • Create various characters, locations, general concepts and styles
  • tone set for the rest of the movie
  • Does not indicate the purpose of the movie


  • The purpose is to tell here.
  • Enter the subject quickly


  • is the purpose of the story All matters Will build up to the climax of the story if we do not create it correctly The story will not have Climax.
  • If there is no Climax, No purpose of the matter
  • build to the right climax


  • The end or closure.

If assuming we make an advertisement movie, the important thing is not the product itself. But what is the product that gives to us, saves time? Or what? Like the Apple ads There was a child writing the handwriting and ending. Saying that ‘change the way we learn’ is changing the way we study. At the moment that we have watched video clips, We felt that It changed the way of learning. It is education that worth to invest. The ad doesn’t tell what features it has. It’s tell ‘benefit’ quality.

Don’t let it all release !!

Let it have a puzzle. Making a movie is like playing with the emotions of the audience. We have to know what time we should stop. Like a standup comedian Who knows the time to stop the audience to laugh There should be a reason for the audience to continue to see our story. It’s like having two pieces of steak, the same piece. Put one dish well. With flowers adorned on the table, We placed the candle at the spot. And having nice utensils, beside the other, put in a Big Mac box to eat on the car What kind of flavor will make it better? Is it a presentation? In spite of the things inside But we package it well And send the message well The audience will be able to enjoy the movie. Whatever is interesting If we look as a storyteller

If your movie cannot be explained in one sentence,Your movie is not a high concept

camera angle

Flim Camera angle

High angle shot
Place the camera above the object. Shot down on an object or person showing weakness or vulnerability of a person

Low angle shot
Place the camera under the object. Shows power pose.

Eye level shot
There is no effect, but be careful because it will affect other shots that we have already taken. And it will cause other shot to lose the effect

Point of view shot
Is the view that the character sees

Bird eye view
View from the top
We put in order to show other view than the normal camera view (human). We show that we can use any camera angle. (The camera is anywhere of the top)

Dutch camera angle
Tilt the camera a little. Makes it feel like lacking orientation if we shoot still image and it isn’t perpendicular to the line of the image will make the image unattractive Looks like a tilted world Or going to fall This is the purpose of this camera angle, look like world collapse, but do not tilt too much.

it’s like the god reply to me!

It’s my answer to the question about ‘the meaning of life’

all these years and I guess there is an answer.
Yes, I suffer a lot and very painful
It’s pain enough to bring me to hospital 6 times in a row.
I wonder. Why I’m alive? What is the meaning of this life? just like my sister 
but now I discovered something,
not only we born to ‘be happy’.
but we born for ‘a purpose’.
A mission that you have to fulfilling before you die.
I lose almost everything I cherish and craving for
my whole life, no matter it’s friend, someone I ever love, job, but that’s ‘the life’
I guess you are the same, 
so you discover my post.
Do not seek what’s already leaving your life,
the thing that is not belonging to you will never belong to you, rather seeking for what’s left in your life. Regardless it’s friend, family and cherishes them as much as a possible.
Your life is not empty glasses, 
there’s always something left.
The proof is you can read this thing I post.
It’s mean you have eyes.
I, just like you, who are also seeking this answer. I suppose, sometimes we struggle
and wonder about ‘the meaning of life’.
but I’d tell you. Time is passing so fast.
Don’t be regret on what’s happening.
Although it’s very hard to do.
But I think you already do your best.
So it’s time to move on to the next episode of life.
I’ll use my exp. to inspired ppl.