People I love tend to see that I am a threat in their lives. Even a friend he still does not want to be. If you asked Am I sorry? Honestly I am.I cry a lot. so I didn’t think it would be like this And then felt hated that I was weak like this

But I actually think that it is the beginning of finding the meaning of my lives. If this does not happen I may not really discover the purpose or real purpose in life. I really want to have a simple life, want to be a farmers. But realizing that I can’t do it now Must continue to do what is possible.

Sometimes the bad things that happen in your life are not so bad. Maybe it is some path that makes us find something missing pieces in life.I read Dr Frankl’s story and watched a lot of videos. As it once said that the important thing is not something that happens to us or that stimuli is a way of interacting with that rather than causing people to suffer or be happy

Now I start to do new things – writing English blogs. I try to make it as simple as possible, so that I can continue to write.Asked what if you do repeat same a story like me how should think about. First of all, we can’t change anyone’s mind. People who hate us, they still hate us. Those who don’t like us , they don’t like us instead of changing their minds. Other people try to change their thoughts . They don’t need to make everyone like them.

What does it mean?It’s Means that everyone has the freewill to like or dislike in us and we cannot force those people to like us all. Therefore, stop thinking about force or force in that because it will make us Become more ugly If anyone doesn’t like it, we do 2 simple things: get yourself out of his/her life. Or taking him/her out of our lives

As far as you do this following thing, everything will get better.But to say that it is not easy, if assuming that the person has become a person that we feel like, it will be harder to come up with another level. In addition it’s about to making us feel self-pity It hasn’t made many things better too.

The better thing is that we have space. One sister told us that he felt uncomfortable at the time when someone she didn’t like was like her. This is what happened. Therefore, our feelings, even if it is a feeling love. it’s may be the burden of someone. We think we love someone. It’s a good story, right? Is it better than hate? But actually feeling like that may make many people feel uncomfortable

Can say one word that must be let go . Don’t get involved each others again.Even now we can’t imagine that if we meet each each others what’s we about to talk, but it would not have happened and it is useless to think about that because it is something we should end. That we It is something that we should not go to open the wound again.

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