it’s like the god reply to me!

It’s my answer to the question about ‘the meaning of life’

all these years and I guess there is an answer.
Yes, I suffer a lot and very painful
It’s pain enough to bring me to hospital 6 times in a row.
I wonder. Why I’m alive? What is the meaning of this life? just like my sister 
but now I discovered something,
not only we born to ‘be happy’.
but we born for ‘a purpose’.
A mission that you have to fulfilling before you die.
I lose almost everything I cherish and craving for
my whole life, no matter it’s friend, someone I ever love, job, but that’s ‘the life’
I guess you are the same, 
so you discover my post.
Do not seek what’s already leaving your life,
the thing that is not belonging to you will never belong to you, rather seeking for what’s left in your life. Regardless it’s friend, family and cherishes them as much as a possible.
Your life is not empty glasses, 
there’s always something left.
The proof is you can read this thing I post.
It’s mean you have eyes.
I, just like you, who are also seeking this answer. I suppose, sometimes we struggle
and wonder about ‘the meaning of life’.
but I’d tell you. Time is passing so fast.
Don’t be regret on what’s happening.
Although it’s very hard to do.
But I think you already do your best.
So it’s time to move on to the next episode of life.
I’ll use my exp. to inspired ppl.

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