‘Man’s search for meaning’

Today will talk about . Man’s search for meaning Dr Victor Frankl’s next famous philosopher Frederick Nietchze said that people who know what themselves want can bear anything in this world.

Doctor frankl is in an auschwitz germany concentration camp. At that time he was been destroyed in various research papers and had to collect various pieces of paper to write all the manuscripts.Including his wife and family killed in the concentration camp

And why did he still find the meaning of life Why can he survive and enjoy life?He said that our lives should not be aimed at success and happiness. Both of these things are inside that we have to feel ourselves. If we have a goal or purpose in life that is greater than that, then we will eventually get that. But not the goal of success and happiness, as many people understandIng addition,

there is a matter of controlling the mind to respond to various stimuli outside or he called Stimuli. This is what comes to affect our minds, whether it is unemployment, heartbreaking, car being hit ,house robber. Or else We can respond to that stimuli by using different methods. We can choose to be happy at that moment.

Or choose to have suffering depending on how we respond to that Which, if we know that there is an alternative, then we will choose to be happy immediately. At that moment, no matter what the situation is, Dr. Frankl, whether or not he is detained, but he can be happy and find the meaning of Can live

But we were quarantined from our own thoughts. From own goal that must be achieved like this Must be rich before being happy If we can’t be happy now We will not be able to be happy.

From the past, I may have been successful in many things, although it is not a great success, but it is a success that one can be proud of. So I i’m not happier or less. Conversely, I ‘m less happy with my success.It is a real pride, but it does not make me feel that I am more happy or valuable to myselves.

This is a proof that what Dr. Frankl said in the book,man search for meaning are real and proven.

If you want to be happy, you must have. At this time, you do not find happiness in the future. The life of our people consists of the present. The past has passed, and the future has not arrived. Why we think about it.We should think of things that are in front of us more than things that are still invisible and things that have already passed and cannot be resolved and used those lessons? With the present to make the best life in the present.

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